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Pete Hammerton


I am the Proprietor / Director of a specialist engineering company in Billingshurst.

Originally I was just a keen spectator and first got really involved at the 1978 - 12 hour race in as a mechanic for the successful first Cricketers Arms Team, in other words dragged over the fence into the pits to provide urgent mechanical help – and that’s another story! I was then elected onto the first race committee in 1980 and started helping Jim Gavin, our Founder with the 12 hour race in 1982. I was elected committee Chairman in 1996 and held the post for 17 years. In 2008, I considered retiring, but was appointed Vice President before I could. When Jim retired 2016, I was very proud to be appointed President and vowed to continue with Jim’s vision of the sport. Since 2003, in partnership with Pete Longley, have been organising the annual BLMRA War Trips. And finally, although I’ve built a quite few, I’ve never actually raced a Lawn Mower, but the sport has been my life’s hobby and I love it!

Pete Hammerton
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