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Buying & Selling Guide

Some guidelines for anyone who wishes to buy or sell items pertaining to lawn mower racing

Please be aware that the BLMRA will monitor all adverts posted to provide security to all involved

Buyer Guidance

Buying a mower can be a quick way into racing as building a mower from scratch is a time consuming process, so the purchase of an already built racer for those that lack time and resources to build their own is attractive. These guidelines are intended to offer assistance to anyone purchasing a mower via our Facebook page or privately so that they are aware of some potential pitfalls in the process and allow that person to inspect a potential machine objectively.

Mowers offered for sale on this page may not necessarily be compliant with BLMRA rules. The BLMRA does allow other clubs to advertise racing mowers for same on our page. It is up to the buyer to confirm if the mower is BLMRA compliant.

Other clubs have different rules to the BLMRA so there maybe work (ranging from a simple engine change to a complex chassis rebuild) to make a mower from another club compliant to BLMRA rules.

Even if a mower has previously raced with the BLMRA it may not comply with the current ruleset, rules change from year to year and because something raced 3 seasons ago may not make it compliant with the current rules.

There are no grandfather rights so defects and non-compliances to current rules will need addressing before the machine is next raced at a BLMRA event.

Try and establish when the machine was last raced with the BLMRA.

If a mower is advertised as BLMRA compliant and carrying a log book ask to see when the log book was last signed as dated as this will indicate when it was last raced and any noted outstanding defects from that inspection (these will require rectification if not already addressed by the seller). 

While some minor defects will not preclude racing at events (log book will be noted for rectification at inspection time and a time window given for rectification) major non-compliances (these are at BLMRA Clerk of Course discretion at the event and example are non-compliant engine, safety issues) will result in a failed inspection and refusal to allow event participation with no refund of fees.

Seller Guidance

All posts will be moderated before being posted for compliance to these rules


You must state the club the mower is currently or was previously raced with


If the mower is built to race to BLMRA regulations but has never raced or been BLMRA inspected this must be stated in the advert


If the mower is/was BLMRA raced you must state when the mower was last raced (approximate year)


If the mower has a BLMRA logbook please include a picture and a note of the outstanding defects from the last inspection


Basic information must include the Maker, Model number and engine currently fitted

Some points to check at the inspection

Get the BLMRA handbook and the homologation sheet for the mower being inspected prior to inspection and take them with you.

Engine – Check the current list of allowed engines in the BLMRA handbook if it is not listed assume non-compliance and the requirement for a new engine (exceptions here are older lower powered engines under 10hp from Briggs and Stratton, Tecumseh and Honda that maybe found on old mowers that appear from time to time, these while being allowed will be uncompetitive with current engines so will likely need replacement, so budget time and money for this).

Chassis – Check for originality with no excessive metal removal, check dimensions correspond to allowed dimensions (width, length, height) in homologation sheet. Check the engine is fitted in the correct position in the chassis (refer to homologation sheet).

Seat – Check the position on the mower is correct and heights (both base and back) are correct (refer to homologation sheet), if seat suspension is fitted confirm that this works, is solid in mounting and is compliant to seat height dimensions when compressed.

Drive – Check the drive is compliant to the rules (belts, chains %), check the clutch works correctly and can be fully disengaged and doesn’t slip when engaged. On a vertical shaft drive it is recommended to use a single speed ‘T-drive’ gearbox, standard mower multispeed transmissions will not last so most are swapped out for a ‘T-drive’. No Torque convertors or variable pulley are allowed.

Steering – Check that steering functions correctly and doesn’t jam. Although original steering and axles can be used they are not recommended as they are not strong enough for racing, so a fabricated axle and uprated steering is preferred. Handlebars are only allowed with mowers originally fitted with them from the factory (they can also have a steering wheel) so ensure that the correct type is fitted.

Brakes – Check they are upgraded (standard mower brakes are not permitted) and that they work (with clutch depressed).

Bodywork – Check for originality compliance to homologation dimensions and no excessive metal removal. Check for sharp edges, check for footplate compliance (position, guard size and golf ball rule in handbook), check bonnet security (handbook).

Electrical – Check for Isolation of starter, check cut out functions correctly, lighting is only appropriate for 12hr and maybe fitted and can be removed for sprint races.

Wheels/Tyres – All tyres must be turf tyres, snow cleated and quad tyres are no allowed.

Always assume any machine will need some work before presentation at the next event.

If unsure about any aspect of the inspection please contact the BLMRA tech committee on

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