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This is a brief description of the basic rules and regualtions associated with the sport of lawn mower racing. The BLMRA is run primarily for fun loving enthusiasts. It is an amateur sport, although run in a professional manner.


Organisers reserve the right to reject at any time, any mower, which in their opinion represents an attempt to defeat the spirit of the regulations even though it complies with the letter of them.

Events will be open to all self propelled lawn mowers (except reciprocating knife type), the main proviso being that the mower must have been originally designed, manufactured and sold commercially, to mow domestic lawns, It must remain as such to all intent and purposes, apart from the following permitted modifications. You may not, therefore, purpose build a mower. By lawn mower we mean domestic lawns, not game fields, golf courses, public parks.


Lawn mowers are divided into four main groups:

  • Group 1 run behind

  • Group 2 towed seat and roller driven

  • Group 3 small garden riders, wheel driven

  • Group 4 small garden tractor, bonneted and wheel driven


Mowers may be modified as per the regulations, but there will also be classes for un-modified (standard) mowers at some events.


All mowers must be checked and passed by scrutineering before being allowed onto the race track for either practice or for racing. However it is always the entrant’s responsibility to ensure the safety and legality of their mower. Mowers may also be subject to random scrutineering at any time by a committee member, race organiser, BLMRA official or nominated scrutineer. If in doubt about any of the safety or the legality of your mower, check beforehand with a member of the race committee, they are there to help you!

The organisers reserve the right to refuse any model of mower, which they deem not to be safe to race.

In groups 3 & 4, you can only race a mower type that has been homologated by the race committee.



A set of Supplementary Regulations are issued with the Entry Forms and Additional Supplementary Regulations upon acceptance of your entry.


Other events are subject to Supplementary Regulations, and will be made available nearer to the event. If you plan to enter please make sure you are aware of all the relevant regulations.


A full copy of the Rules and Regulations can be found in the Hand Book which you can download  here 

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