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As a sport that doesn’t quite fit the norm we do attract a lot of interest from various areas of the media. This is what some of them have said about us and where we have featured

The Times Online July 2006

San Diego Dispatch

Kentish Times

Racing Car News, Australia

The West Australian

Playboy magazine

The Arizona Republic

Kurrier Austria

The Observer

The Enquirer, Kalamazoo

The Guardian

San Francisco Chronicle

Chicago Tribune

British Airways ‘Highlife’

Miami Sun

The Los Angeles Times

Majorca Daily Bulletin

The Daily Telegraph

Motor Sport News


Sports Illustrated

Motoring News

Teknikens Varld, Stockholm

Toronto Star

Stirling Moss

Maxim magazine

Car and Driver

Dallas Morning News

Redaktion Sports, Hamburg

The Wall Street Journal

At 8pm on Saturday, the race began in old Le Mans style, with drivers sprinting across the track to their mowers. It was off precisely to time, synchronised and slick. What followed was organised chaos.

There is something going on in England that defies all stories about the staid and conforming English

Enjoyable insanity

The greatest atmosphere in motor-racing north of the Equator

English lawns present an annual challenge to these eccentric lawn mower racers

Stirling Moss lead-footing his power lawn mower

The folks running behind the mowers are the real heroes

Kampf bis aufs messer.. 12-stunden-rennen fur rasenmaher

Miracles are worked in the Pits during the night at a pace that would make any normal garage mechanics hair turn grey

Wearing shirts that read “The Empire Strikes Back” a team of British lawn mower racers crossed the Atlantic, to race in the ‘Rider Cup’ series of races against members of the US Lawn Mower Racing Association, at Lisle, just outside Chicago

I borrowed my Auntie’s mower…trouble is my Auntie wants it back

Britain’s bookies are keeping a close eye on the cult of lawn mower racing

You may think you want to come to England to attend Ascot, or Wimbledon, or Royal Henley-on-Thames, but you’ll never find anything quite like the thrill of watching screaming, bucking and almost-out-of-control lawn mowers racing through the night at the annual 12 hour race at Wisborough Green

Their racing rivals in the US have such names as (are you ready for this?) - Turfinator, Geronimow, Weedy Gonzales, Lawn Ranger, Sodzilla, Lawnsome Dove, Yankee Clipper, Bat Mowbile, Mowron, Mowna Lisa, Bat Mowbile, and even Precious Mowments!

They zoom around the lawn at speeds of up to 100 miles an hour

A new style of motor racing - including such classics as cross-country races, National and World Championships, the British Grand Prix and the annual over-night 12 hour race - has caught the fancy of hitherto unrecognised grass-cutters in England. Sponsorship and commercialism are discouraged; competition and fun is everything

While most people are content to use their lawn mowers to cut grass, a small band of adrenalin junkies are preparing their machines for something far more exciting – lawnmower racing

No less a driver than Stirling Moss - probably the greatest ever all round racing driver– joined with 5 times Le Mans 24 hour sports car race winner, Derek Bell, to win the Wisborough Green 12 hour lawn mower race. The race has also been fiercely contested by a clutch of Formula 1 teams including Ferrari, Beneton, McLaren and Tyrrell

The cheapest form of motorsport

Ron Dennis was forced to admit that McLaren were planning to race outside Formula 1. “Yes, you’ve caught me out. It’s quite true, we are entering another formula – lawn mower racing, but unlike the normal cloak of secrecy, facts and details are flowing freely on this one – with a view to frightening the pants off the opposition. We figure that with their pants around their ankles, they can’t go that fast!”

‘Sic biscuitis disintegrat’ (that’s the way the cookie crumbles) was their first thought as a motto, but it didn’t convey the right image, so the barflies eventually settled on ‘Per Herbam Ad Astra’ (through grass to the stars), as it “invoked everything spiritual in lawns.”

It is my duty to report that a bunch of nutters in deepest Sussex have just spent 25 hours attached to mowing machines. Not only that, they were racing them. Why? They were celebrating their 25th anniversary, so instead of racing for their ‘normal’ annual 12 hours, they decided on 25 hours!
Talk about barking mad; but having said that, if you can’t enjoy yourself at a BLMRA event, you might as well stay at home and cut the grass!

Det Stora Klippet. Topphastigheten 96 kilometer I timmen

Their 12 hour – girls, fellas, young ones, old ones, all sorts of people; mowers back-firing like canons, smoke rolling across the countryside, dirt and derision and all sorts of abuse. Very, very dramatic and everyone having enormous fun

9am on that Sunday morning, way back in July 1978, it was all over and we’d won.”

The 12 hour race is the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the mower racing calender

When the 12 hour race for lawn mowers is added to the 24 hour Le Mans race for sports cars, you have the most exciting motor racing on the international calendar

This takes the lawn mower from the wimp category and takes it up to “Hey, these things can be fun.”

Die Rasenden Maher von Wisborough Green

Thick billows of smoke and dust roll across a 20 acre pasture as nearly 60 lawn mowers , geared-up and de-muffled, scream around the track at speeds approaching 60 miles an hour. If hell has a suburb, it looks like this


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