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Charlie Gould

Technical & Homologation (VP)

CAA Licensed Avionics engineer for Virgin Atlantic.

I look after the equipment, the trailer and our store. I also take the BLMRA trailer to most meetings. I am also responsible for Technical and Homologation. I started lawn mower racing around 34 years ago in Group1. After a break of 2-3 years I built a Gp2, which was the start of "Red Robin Racing". We raced in this group for a few years. Eventually I retired from group 2 and went to group 3 with a Lawnbug, race number 24 AKA "Piston Broke Racing". In 2000 I stopped racing after our trip to the USA, but I still can't bring myself to sell the mower. I joined the committee in 1990.

Charlie Gould
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