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Graham Tibbenham

8 Oct 2022

Report written by Ian Ratcliff

Instead of their usual venue in Retford, this year’s 6 hour was moved to Kirkham, near Preston, Lancashire. Probably because of the extra travelling involved, only 7 teams entered. This necessitated a change to the race pro-gramme. Both days started with a 40 minute practice, then a 40 minute qualifying session followed by three 40 minute races with a 20 minute break between each session. Although you could stay as a team, most split to be individual racers, so on Saturday we had 15 mowers on the grid for the start of race one. It was a good format although Daz, being on his own, found the 20 minute intervals barely gave him time to sort the computer out in time for the next race.

As most know, I have a Group 2, and although there are few of us in the south, up north they are rare. Daz managed to persuade Doc Dave to drag his mower out, coerce a colleague to join him as a team mate to race against me.

The Saturday started dry and actually improved as the day wore on. The ground started soft and didn’t improve. Once the long grass disappeared on the corners mud quickly followed. Mud and group 2 don’t go together well and soon Dave’s novice team mate was struggling badly, so we made our own track alongside so as to be able to continue. It wasn’t long though before his clutch gave up completely and had to retire, leaving me to cut a lonely furrow, as the groups 3 and 4 continued to pass.

It always amazes me that after they have passed they invariably wiggle the rear end to return to the racing line, and in the process lob copious amounts of mud from the rear tyres at face height.

Unsurprisingly, at the end of Saturday, Rozer was in the lead with most points.

After enjoying a club bbq and a beer or two in the evening, it was time to head back to the Travelodge for the night.

Sunday was a repeat of Saturday. Puddles appeared overnight, so the track was moved slightly and off we went again. During all the races there was a high rate of attrition; fortunately Stew-art was on hand with tractor to return broken mowers back to the pits. I had to use his services in race 5 when the clutch shaft broke, and again in race 6, when the chain came off after not tightening up a nut when replacing the clutch shaft earlier. Shoddy workmanship again.

Congratulations to Rozer for finishing 1st.

Podium: Mark Rostron (70), Dean Todd (62), Ian Ratcliff (61)

Full results are available at

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