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Belt doctor 50% Off Special Offer

Les Pantry

14 May 2023


A huge offer you cannot refuse lasting for 50 DAYS.

To celebrate the 50 years of lawn mower racing.

SALE! A MASSIVE 50% OFF on The Belt Doctor.That is 50% Off for 50 Days to celebrate 50 Years! A never seen before offer on The Belt Doctor.

Stocking a range of brands like Timken, Gates, Dayco, Linmax and so much more year-round plus a brilliant network of suppliers so we can source the belts we don’t stock. There is nowhere better than The Belt Doctor.

Use the promotional code at checkout: 50YEARSWe look forward to seeing you on The Belt Doctor website –

Happy Racing!

T&C: This offer is exclusively for Lawn Mower Racers and their teams across our entire V & Timing belt range for all 3 quality ranges! Unrelated belt purchases like Refrigeration or ATV etc won’t be shipped.However, the year-round British Lawn Mower Racing Association promotional code can be used SITE WIDE with no restriction using the promotional code: BLMRA25

Way to Mow 


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