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2022 Championships

Graham Tibbenham

25 Sept 2022

Report written by Tibs

Numbers were down slightly this year, which did take some of the lustre off Championship rounds, particularly in Group 3 where two or three competitors was not an uncommon sight.

Ultimately the 2021 Champions in all Groups retained their crown, but there were thrills and spills along the way, with much of the excitement occurring further down the pack.

Unbelievably, nobody on the Group 2 podium was over 40 and the average age was sub 24! This really does give some indication of where to look for the stars of the future and some hope to the future of the Group.

The list of multiple championship winners now sits at 17, with Dean just 2 wins away from equalling Andy Stemp’s 11 wins in Group 3, Alfie 2 from Mark Robinson’s 4 and Graham just 19 away from Mike Cresswell’s 21...

This year we were keen to award the Championship trophies at the last meeting of the year as this makes it far more likely that winners would be present and gives a sense of closure to all involved.

Trophies were made appropriate to each Group; 2 incorporating a sprocket, 3 a toothed belt pulley and 4 a vee belt pulley. Winners in each Group were once again presented with a framed “king of the lawn” shirt.

Below are the top three in each Group:

Group 2 British Championship

1. Graham Tibbenham (451)

2. Charlie Thurston (332)

3. Jenson Cresswell (303)

Group 3 British Championship

1. Dean Fuller (448)

2. Stuart Johnson (424)

3. Peter Sque (303)

Group 4 British Championship

1. Alfie Smith (472)

2. Karl Selby (304)

3. Kenny Goodesmith (248)

Endurance Championship

1. Alfie Smith (20)

2. Pete Sque (20)

3. Charlie Thurston (12)

Full results are available at:

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