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Celebrating 50 years of the BLMRA 

What an event  - all reports received is that

it was a brilliant race and everyone had a great time!

Well done to all the teams, drivers, pit crews , helpers,

Marshalls, Officials

and most of all , all the Committee members who

worked so hard to put the event on for everyone.

Full Race results are listed below

Can be read on Speedhive here

PDF version of Full results are here 

PDF Race results by Class are here

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At 19:00 on Saturday 12th August 2023, 50 drivers will run across to their mowers, leap on and start racing at speeds of up to 80 kph on a 1.3km track in a field, bumps and all!


As the race distance will be about 650km (that's Manchester and back!) we expect it to end about 10:00 the next day.


On Monday before the race,  it is a field, by Saturday it is Le Mans with track, pits, fences, public address, electronic lap counting, catering, bar, entertainment, and live music. By the following Monday it is returned back to a (slightly flattened) field.


Throughout the day there will be special events on track to showcase our history and in the late afternoon there will be the chance to get closer to the mowers and talk to the drivers with a pit walk.

A flyer has been created just for this event with all the information, we would be grateful if all members can promote the race in any way possible. 

To link to BLMRA website use the QR code provided  .

Link to download the flyer is here 

In 1973 a pub meeting resulted in the first ever lawn mower race in a field near the Cricketers in Wisborough Green, West Sussex.


Now, 50 years later with a history that includes Sir Stirling Moss, Derek Bell and Oliver Reed we are celebrating with a fast and furious race through the night to see who can complete the 500 laps in the shortest time.

These are domestic ride on mowers that are modified to strict rules in 4 classes.


Do they still cut grass? No but as they slide round the corners they do remove it.


How do you go so fast, are the engines modified? No engine modifications allowed apart from removing the governor (device to limit normal mower speed) and then it is all down to gearing and clever engineering under the mower.

The teams of three drivers (male and female) compete throughout the night at speeds up to 50mph  – and without any form of suspension other than a padded seat, this is no stroll in the park! The pace remains unrelenting for the full 500 laps and it’s not unknown for the first three mowers to be on the same lap when the chequered flag drops. This is a true test of human endurance and mechanical reliability. 


As darkness descends, the race takes on a totally different atmosphere as the pit lane becomes a sea of light and the night is punctuated by mower headlamps streaking past.

Charitable Event - The BLMRA is supporting Prostrate Cancer UK this year
Please use the fund raising page here 

Race commentary throughout to keep you up to date with who is in the lead and what's happening on the track  and this also broadcast in the field on Radio Le Mow on 87.7 FM. So bring a FM radio with you.

If you can't make the event, you can still join in with all the action via the web stream by clicking on the following link -

With the previous victorious team members back to defend their crown after 3 years of no race , old scores to settle and new faces on the block, the challenge is now on for the greatest event of the year.


The BLMRA 500 Lawn Mower Race is DONE !!!

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