• To do

    Dean – create Subdomain old.bmrma.co.uk and point to (server is set to accept requests on this domain) you can then use this as your FTP host.

    Dean – point domain on Sunday PM to -

    Dean/Jake – change PayPal sandbox to live account - bank@blmra.co.uk

    Dean – send all users an email telling them they will be getting a new password

    Dean – let us know if you need any bespoke test in the new password email, also let us know if you want this sent from a particular email address

    Julian – produce URL map of old site to new site - to be agreed

    Julian – activate Google Analytics (Monday) - GA code?

    Jake - Domain list:
    Plus all non www


    Dean – Download copy of old site (snapshot just done) SEE EMAIL FOR URL

    Jake – supply Dean with email addresses for all users

    Jake – make sure all memberships have expired from 01/12/13

    Julian – remove any unused pages

    Julian – populate all Page Titles and descriptions on new pages