• Scrutineering End Of Term Report

  • Dear All

    We thought it might be a good time of year to reflect on the season past
    The following issues were of particular concern this year ,and whilst this is not comprehensive it certainly covers the main bases
    Honda engines : please be aware that if you buy a new horizontal engine, gx 340 ,it is now actually 390cc and therefore not currently eligible 
    Transponder placement: It has become apparent that several mowers have put transponders in the wrong place for their group ,please refer to handbook which tells each group where it should go 
    Fuel tanks : the rules are that tanks should be  maximum 4.5 litres ,while some mowers particularly gp 4 use the original tank it must still comply with the maximum capacity ,if in doubt check it before next endurance round 
    Drive train : to clarify the drive method should be original ie belt stays belt etc however if the machine requires intermediate gears ,lay shafts etc then at least 80% of the original method must remain 
    Removing material: Ah that old chestnut ,you may only remove minimal amounts of material ,there have been a couple of instances this year when mowers wouldn't have looked out of place at a Swiss cheese convention 
    Foot plates : please read the rules carefully ,there is no mention in there of removing and discarding the original footplate on a gp 4 ,the original plate can be boxed into or lowered ,the gap between the original plate and the side guard should then be filled ,the confusion may come from people looking at machines that never had foot plates in the first instance in which case we allow them to be fabricated as a safety issue ,rather than keeping single foot pegs like a motorcycle 
    Confusion of groups: Several occurrences of people applying gp4 rules to gp3 ,the lowering of key tractor components are designed to aid stability ,as tractors by nature are taller than other machines in general ,this does not and never has applied to gp3 
    Historic anomalies : There are a very few particular cases where machines (specifically gp2 and lawn bugs) do not follow convention ,this arises from a time long long ago when there was no rule book ,please don't look to them as examples to be followed.
    If in doubt ask !
    Your Scrutineering team will be looking at all of the above items with particular care next season ,if you have already been told about a specific item then please deal with it ,if you are worried that something doesn't comply contact us in good time ,so that we can advise and help resolve it .
    Happy building for the new season 
    The Committee