• Racing In The Remainder of 2020

  • This has been a very surreal year with COVID disrupting our way of life in so many different ways.

    As far as lawn mower racing is concerned, it is impossible for us to race under the current government guidelines.

    The committee looks at the easing restrictions after every government announcement, and if increased lifting continues, there is a possibility that we could be in a position to hold one or more race meetings before the end of the season.

    If this is the case, then the weekends currently in the race calendar would be used to hold these meetings.

    However, there will inevitably have to be changes in the way they are run.

    The venues will have to be moved close to Billingshurst for logistic reasons, e.g. to allow the moving of blocks, setting up track, tent etc. before the meeting date.

    We are envisaging that weekend meetings will require everyone having to vacate the field at the end of the first day, returning the next day to continue. The reason for this is to comply with possible toilet, water, camping and socialising restrictions. This may change if restrictions on camping are eased.

    These are some but not all of the changes we will have to adhere to, in order to race safely. Race formats will be determined closer to the time.

    Any race event will only take place if the committee is confident that all the relevant guidelines prevailing at the time can be met safely, and there are enough racers and officials to make it viable.

    Look forward to seeing you,

    The BLMRA