• Pre Season Message From The Tech Team

  • With the start of the season only a couple of weeks away, and boy are we excited at the prospect of seeing how the new engines will pan out .We thought it was a good time for your tech team to give a few gentle pointers, reminders as to some of the common issues we see at Scrutineering and some of the changes to regs that might affect you immediately

    Timetable : new for this year the committee will be publishing a timetable for each event , please check website for details

    Log books : it's been a long winter ,please remember to bring it with you

    Cut outs : does it still work or did you fill it with water last time you washed the mower in October !

    Gloves : new for this year ,you must wear suitable gloves while racing

    Levers : all levers must be ball ended

    Seat heights: this has been clarified in gp 3 and 4 as being measured from the ground now at 29 inches to top of seat

    Mud flaps : please remember to have mud flaps available at all meetings , you may be asked to fit them if conditions change

    Silencers: some meetings are noise sensitive ,check website for details

    Side plates: on gp4 remember these must present a flat face , we still commonly find tubular construction in these

    Personalised powered transport : just one for the new guys here , unlike some Motorsport we specifically ban any form of motorised transport (pit bikes ,scooters ,quads etc ) at the venue , our sport is very much family orientated and this rule is in place to protect all of our little ones and future racers

    Really looking forward to seeing you all at reservoir farm in a couple of weeks
    Per herbam ad Astra

    The BLMRA Tech Team