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Committee News

Graham Tibbenham

20 Dec 2022

Report written by Tibs

Mark Akeroyd joined the fold earlier in the year and is a very welcome addition to the team following the departure of Jason Ingold earlier in the year due to other commitments.

We’ve discussed an invitation we have received to create an inter-club UK Endurance Championship. We’re very much game for this, although it is de-pendant upon race calendars and so discussions will be ongoing until all clubs know which way is up.

Belt Doctor ( are now offering members 25% off all products using code BLMRA. Addition-ally if we generate sufficient sales, they are offering to provide us spon-sorship, so we encourage you to con-sider using them.

Finally, throughout the season we’ve asked for volunteers to help tow club equipment to race meetings.Thanks very much for to all who helped out. Whilst we will continue to try to avoid it, no doubt we will need to call on members again , so if it’s something you're able to help with please let us know.

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