• BLMRA Race Committee

  • Committee – New Members


    Qualification - Any subscribing and established member of the BLMRA who volunteers is eligible to be a member of the committee on election or appointment.


    Candidates - Each candidate for election must be proposed and seconded independently by subscribing members of the BLMRA. This must be in writing or email to the Chairman and must be received at least 14 days before the published date of the club's AGM (peter@blmra.co.uk).

    Important - The candidate must fully understand and accept the commitment and time required.


    Election - Normally, there will be a committee election each year at the AGM. If there is the same number of candidates as there are vacant seats, then only the approval by show of hands of the club members present is necessary. If there are more candidates than seats, a confidential paper ballot will be held.


    Term of office - The minimum term of office of a committee member is one racing season (or from one AGM to the next).


    Co-opting - The Chairman can, after consultation with the committee, co-opt or appoint any club member onto the committee whose service is expected to be beneficial to the club.


    Committee Structure


    Membership - The race committee shall consist of the President, Vice President in attendance and up to 12 elected members, all of whom must be subscribing members of the BLMRA.


    Representation - Each racing group (1, 2, 3 & 4) should have at least one representative on the committee. Honorary Vice Presidents of the BLMRA have the right to attend any committee meeting by appointment.


    Chairman - Each year, the committee will nominate one of their experienced members to act as Chairman. This nomination should be approved by a show of hands by the club membership at the AGM. Any candidate must be able to commit to the additional administration time and responsibilities required.


    Decision making - All decisions, rule changes or directives etc have to be passed by a majority of the committee. In the event of an indecisive vote, the Chairman shall have the casting vote.


    Publications - The committee shall have full editorial control of the website, social media and email communications published to the membership and media.


    Rotation - Each year, two members of the committee have to stand down by rotation, but can offer themselves for re-election. The history of committee members is available on request.


    Annual General Meeting - After each racing season the association will hold an Annual General Meeting that will be open to all and will be advertised on the club’s website, our social media sites or by email if required. At the meeting, the season's accounts will be presented for approval, reports given, committee elected and any other important matters discussed. To be eligible to vote on any matter, you must be a current subscribing member of the BLMRA. The minutes of the AGM will be available to any subscribing member on request.


    Extraordinary General Meetings - The Chairman can call an extraordinary general meeting when required or urgency dictates that a matter cannot wait until the next AGM. Alternatively, the Chairman can organise, in exceptional circumstances, a postal ballot of all the members. The President and / or the Vice President will be responsible for ensuring that it is carried out in a fair and democratic manner.


    Directors - The BLMRA is a non-profit making organisation, registered in England and limited by guarantee. There are currently two Directors of the BLMRA Ltd registered with Companies House, namely: James R Gavin & Peter F Hammerton. Jim, our founding president will retire as a director during 2014 and will be replaced by Dean A Fuller.