• BLMRA 2014 Season AGM

  • You may be wondering why there has been a delay in announcing this year’s BLMRA AGM. The answer is we have had to delay matters following a bout of illness suffered by our chairman Pete Hammerton over the festive period. We are glad to report that Pete is now on the mend, but it does mean we will be holding the AGM on 21 February at Billingshurst Village Hall, at 1pm, which is of course later than usual. Details regarding application for the Race Committee may be found here.
    Traditionally any changes to club rules are announced at the AGM, so it is important that you are aware of the following revisions in case you need to make changes to your mower.
    It was felt that the regs for Group 3 and Group 4 seat back height were too ambiguous and open to varying interpretation. Therefore instead of the need for the backrest to be no less than 15 inches above the seat panel, the following now applies:
    Measured from the ground, the top of the seat back must be no less than 29 inches high across the majority of the seat’s width.  The seat back must be made of a material sufficiently robust to support the weight of the upturned mower and offer adequate protection to the spine; open loops must therefore be filled in.
    Hopefully most seats will still comply, but the changes do remove the previous ambiguity.
    In other changes, there will now be four British Championship rounds at each sprint meeting. Accordingly, competitors will be required to drop their four worst scores throughout the season.
    Finally, the committee understands the frustration surrounding the availability of engines and has been working hard to find possible long-term solutions to the problem. Several approaches have been assessed and dyno testing is currently underway to establish their suitability and fairness in all classes. We feel that important progress has now been made and we hope to be making an announcement very soon. In the meantime, we thank you for your patience.
    The provisional 2015 race calendar will also be issued very shortly.
    The BLMRA Committee