• 2018 Post Easter Cuttings


    I wrote most of this edition of Cuttings in March with the expectations of sending it out in time to be read and inwardly digested over the Easter break. That didn’t happen, so instead of the original 4 weeks until the start of our race season, it has now been whittled down to just one.
    This year we kick off the season on the 5/6/7th May, the first bank holiday, down in Capel, Surrey.  Same place and format as last year, but hoping for no accidents this year. Les Pantry and Glyn Saunders take note.
    If you haven’t entered yet, why not? You only have till Monday!

    Camping will be available from Friday evening onwards.
    Saturday will be open for scrutineering with a possible opportunity to test/practice. There will be a club BBQ in the late afternoon which will be open to all. If you are a member not intending to race but would like to come and socialise, you are than more than welcome. All I would ask is that you contact Pete Hammerton or Ian Ratcliff so that they have a sporting chance of getting the catering figures somewhere near correct.
    Programme for Sunday:
    9.30 am. Event briefing followed by setting up the track, race control etc.
    10 am. Scrutineering.
    11 am. Practice.
    12- 5pm Racing, with a break for lunch.
    Monday: Same as Sunday except finish 4.30pm.
    Prize giving after clearing up.
    As always, timings are approx. and subject to change other than Briefing.
    We are expecting scrutineering to take longer than normal as this is the first meeting, so if you are able to get your mower scrutineered on Saturday, so much the better.
    REMEMBER: Exhaust noise emissions have been reduced to 90db.
    Mudflaps must be shown at scrutineering and be put on mower if the Clerk of the Course deems it necessary.
    Organiser: Ian Ratcliff.   Clerk of Course: Simon Campbell.
    The following weekend, 12/13th May, is the Double 4 hour endurance race. This will be held at Reservoir Dip, Billingshurst.  Each team can have up to 3 members. One change this year, there will only be one trophy per team.
    Saturday programme:
    9.30 am. Drivers’ briefing and setting up of track etc.
    10.30 am. Scrutineering followed by practice.
    12pm. Race 1
    10.30am. Drivers’ briefing.
    12pm. Practice.
    12.30pm. Race 2.
    Prize giving after clearing up.
    Organisers: Les Pantry, Mark Thurston, Ian Ratcliff.
    Clerk of Course: Simon Campbell.

    Red Bull Event:
    The Red Bull event on the 9th June is to be held at Cheddar on the same field as we have used for the past few years. This event is open to all comers; the only proviso is that all mowers must adhere to BLMRA rules and regulations as set out in the current handbook. Although run by Red Bull, BLMRA members will pay their entry fee through the website in the normal way. Only BLMRA members will also be able to race on the Sunday.
    12 Hour:
    The 12 hour committee has already convened twice this year and is busy organising this year’s event. There is a plan to alter the track so that it misses most of the worst parts that became deeply rutted last year.
    We are hoping for another turnout of up to 50 mowers.    
    12 Hour Entries:
    Entries for this year’s 12 hour race will open on the 1st May 2018 at 9.00am and close at midnight on the 30th July 2018.  As in previous years, entry fees will operate on a sliding a scale - see below. These details will also be included in the Supplementary Regs to be issued later.
    1st May to the 11th June £155.00 per team inclusive of insurance.
    12th June to 2nd July £180.00 per team inclusive of insurance.
    3rd July to 30th July £225.00 per team inclusive of insurance.

    Entry fees are non-refundable after the closing date unless there is a force majeure.  

    The preferred method to enter is using the website: www.blmra.co.uk.
    Any questions? Email 12hour@blmra.co.uk

    Every team will be required to supply an able bodied person to help set up the event on either the Thursday / Friday before the event or the Monday after the event.
    The person will be required to choose either a morning or afternoon slot. If you are able to help us for longer please do let us know as extra help is always gratefully appreciated especially on the Monday.
    Any teams opting for a Monday slot will be required to submit an Event Deposit of £100.00. Please bring the cheque or cash when signing on. The deposit will only be banked if teams fail to carry out their helper’s slot.

    Committee News: 
    I would like to welcome the new members to the committee, Vikki Reeves, Graham Tibbenham and Richard Atherton. The committee has met twice since the AGM and already the new members have been proving their worth. It is very useful having a full committee again with the added benefit of having Carl Williams as well, as he volunteered to be co-opted on.
    Below is the role each member has offered to be involved with
    Pete Hammerton – President, General Secretary,
    Charlie Gould – Vice President, Stores, Equipment, Trailer
    Vikki Reeves – Treasurer / Child Protection / Health and Safety
    Pugs Reeves – Events Calendar, Facilities and 1st Aid Hire
    Richard Atherton – Events Calendar
    Stuart Johnson – Trophies
    Simon Campbell – LM Rep, Facebook Announcements
    Ian Ratcliff  Race Chairman, Gp 1 Rep, Cuttings
    Graham Tibbenham – Gp 2 Rep, Health and Safety, Data Protection
    Les Pantry – 12 Hour Chairman, Gp 3 Rep
    Karl Selby – Gp 4 Rep
    Mark Thurston – Head of Tech
    Carl Williams – Assist Dean Fuller and Colin Clegg re computer/website
    The committee would like to give special thanks to Dean and Colin for continuing to look after the website and everything computer related on and off the race field even though both have retired from the committee. 
    Those of you still reading this will have noticed those dreaded words Health and Safety and Data Protection.
    New government legislation means that in both these areas we have had to look at the way the new laws affect us as a club.
    With regard to Data Protection, the amount of data we collect from members is to be pared down to the bare minimum. There will also be an opportunity for any member’s data stored by the club to be removed if requested. Details can be found in the new handbook.
    Brian Newman:
    Sadly, I have to announce another death, this time Brian Newman. A well- known racer in the 70’s and early 80’s, Brian both worked and raced with Doug Downes in the Bionic Cock team. He was a solid and unflappable guy and was instantly recognisable as he was always smoking a pipe.

    The BLMRA