• 2015 12 Hour Entry

  • All, we are pleased to announce the entry list for the 2015 12 Hour Lawn Mower Race! Teams and pit allocation can be found below. Currently we are looking for more assistance with our Thursday helpers slot, if anyone can assist please get in touch with 12hour@BLMRA.co.uk. Anyone wishing to use live results during the race should make sure they have downloaded Race Monitor PRIOR to arriving at the venue, mobile signal isn't strong and you will be unable to download it there.

    Pit Allocation

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    Team Entry's

    Race Number Team Name Team Members
    1 NORTHERNERS KICK grASS Daz Whitehead
    1 NORTHERNERS KICK grASS Andy Rostron
    1 NORTHERNERS KICK grASS Mark Rostron
    2 Average Joes Andy Ballam
    2 Average Joes Matthew Thompson
    2 Average Joes Martin Kemp
    3 Going Commando Mark Robinson
    3 Going Commando Karl Selby
    3 Going Commando Paul Standage
    4 Sussex Slackers Mark Thurston
    4 Sussex Slackers Duncan Crawley
    4 Sussex Slackers Peter Reeves
    5 CKB Luxembourg Bob Koedinger
    5 CKB Luxembourg Christian Kaiser
    5 CKB Luxembourg kENNY REDING
    6 NKG3 Adrian Morris
    6 NKG3 Damian Gladwin
    6 NKG3 Mark Oldham
    7 Nobby Racing Chris Clarke
    7 Nobby Racing James Clarke
    7 Nobby Racing James Waters
    8 The Mowrons lee moulden
    8 The Mowrons Matthew Ridge
    8 The Mowrons anthony varley
    9 DeadBull Racing Kevin Grimer
    9 DeadBull Racing Thomas Grimer
    9 DeadBull Racing Tony Dwight
    10 Slow-Mow ben atkinson
    10 Slow-Mow mark barrett
    10 Slow-Mow Sean Ward
    11 Grass Stains martin taylor
    11 Grass Stains James Pawley
    11 Grass Stains tom prescott
    12 Blades of glory Philip Etheridge
    12 Blades of glory peter brown
    12 Blades of glory Peter Etheridge
    13 Get set mow daniel godden
    13 Get set mow Robert Rowlands
    13 Get set mow Russell Vodden
    14 Piledrivers Jonathan Paice
    14 Piledrivers Phil Bollen
    14 Piledrivers Paul McKenna
    15 Trac as mika alex serneels
    15 Trac as mika piron yohan
    15 Trac as mika Mickaël BOUQUET
    16 High Fives Jason Hepple-Haines
    16 High Fives Jon Vernon
    17 Undecided yet!! Simon Funnell
    20 Very Sideways Racing Craig Button
    20 Very Sideways Racing Glyn Saunders
    20 Very Sideways Racing Sean Jonas
    21 Who's Racing Dean Fuller
    21 Who's Racing Daniel Jones
    21 Who's Racing Colin Clegg
    22 Trojan racing  Stuart Johnson
    22 Trojan racing  gary botting
    22 Trojan racing  William Ticehurst
    24 Balls Deep  Iain Hammerton
    24 Balls Deep  Tristan Hammerton
    25 sque's racing  Peter Sque
    25 sque's racing  Kyle Jones
    25 sque's racing  Ian Thurston
    26 team purple peril Andrew Heather
    26 team purple peril mathew ferrari
    26 team purple peril Richard Johnson
    27 The good the bad and the old. simon campbell
    27 The good the bad and the old. MIKE CLAYTON
    27 The good the bad and the old. Aidan Bell
    28 Grassed and furious daniel owen
    29 Mower WIth Attitude  Richard Atherton
    29 Mower WIth Attitude  Joseph Fowler
    29 Mower WIth Attitude  Adam Salama
    30 10% Climbing Frame Daniel Jenkins
    30 10% Climbing Frame Nick Jenkins
    30 10% Climbing Frame Tomoki Takahashi
    31 The half mooners Ben Hamilton
    31 The half mooners Andy Carlisle
    31 The half mooners Jamie Cripps
    32 So lawn suckers! Ben Rance
    32 So lawn suckers! daniel littlefair
    32 So lawn suckers! Gary Weekes
    33 R&M Racing Ross Challinor
    33 R&M Racing Max Fandrejewski
    33 R&M Racing Phil Jones
    40 Battle of Britain Mow-morial Flight  Paul Durban
    40 Battle of Britain Mow-morial Flight  Roger Knowlson
    40 Battle of Britain Mow-morial Flight  Simon Oakley
    41 The Knight Riders Mike Cresswell
    41 The Knight Riders Paul Johnson
    41 The Knight Riders Christopher Plummer
    42 RIJ Racing Reginald Funnell
    42 RIJ Racing Ian Ratcliff
    42 RIJ Racing john stedman
    43 The Long and Short David Jackman
    43 The Long and Short Christian Belcher
    43 The Long and Short Andy Long
    44 Screw loose racing Carl Andrews
    44 Screw loose racing Ryan Bowyer
    44 Screw loose racing Henry Saxton
    56 Garage 56 Paul Quickenden
    56 Garage 56 les goodman
    56 Garage 56 Paul Boxall