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12 Hours News

Mark Akeroyd

27 Jan 2024

For those who were present at the AGM you will have heard from the committee but for those who were not able to make it here is a quick summary

On further discussion and with more information being provided the field designated for our 2024 race was deemed to be totally unusable.

Many factors lead us to our decision.Minimum time from crop cutting to us been able to setup.(This is why the date was pushed back from our normal weekend).The field has been ploughed and crops grown which means dangerous stubble , both for fire risk and injury to people in the field.Together with no root structure so the ground will break up , rut very badly and eventually turn to dust similar to the French 24 this year

This means we require a new field and we believe have found one

The available date is unfortunately the 10th Aug (typical) but actually we feel is better for us to arrange and I hope no one has made booking just yet for your holidays :-)

As I said there is still work to be done to confirm the new venue but watch this website and check for more news to follow


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