• 12 Hour Technical Update

  • With only 5 weeks until the 12 hour the technical and homologation teams would like to take this opportunity to point out and remind you of a few things. The Loncin G390 horizontal engine is available to use as long as both parts of the original exhaust system is retained. Likewise the Loncin  LC1P88F-1 (413cc) is available as long as the original exhaust is retained within the system . Currently the Honda GX390 horizontal is not on the list and is not available to use. We would ask that anyone intending to race at the 12hour to please take 5 mins to read the current handbook ,and when you receive 12 hour supplementary regs please read as it's a lot easier to rectify issues before the event . 

    Please send any technical or homologation enquiries to either technical@blmra.co.ukor homologation@blmra.co.uk

    The BLMRA