• Who's Who?

    So Who Does What For The BLMRA?
    Below is brief outline of those involved in the organisation of the sport. The British Lawn Mower Racing Association (BLMRA) is managed by a committee and elected by the members. Each Committee Member has a role to play in the running of the club.
    We also have a President, Jim, the man who started it all and a Vice President, Pete. We also bestow the title of Honourable Vice President to those who have given long service and dedication the BLMRA. Some still play a part in running the sport.


    President  - Jim Gavin

    I organise classic drives and plan routes for classic rallies.

    I was a co driver for the Ford rally team back in the 1960s. I started lawn mower racing in 1973 with the formation of The BLMRA and the first British Championship event held in Murphy’s field in Wisborough Green. I am also the General Secretary of the BLMRA.



    Chairman - Pete Hammerton

    I am the Proprietor / Director of an engineering company

    I first got involved at the 12 hour race in 1976 as a mechanic for the Cricketers Team. I was then elected onto the race committee in 1981 and started helping with the 12 hour organization in 1982, before being elected committee Chairman in 1996. I retired from committee in 2008 and appointed Vice President. Now working behind the scenes as required, on matters such as Health & Safety, Insurance, General Admin & Accounts. Since 2003 I have been organizing the BLMRA War Trips. And finally …… I’ve never actually raced a Lawn Mower, but the sport has been my life’s hobby!



    Technical & Homologation - Charlie Gould

    CAA Licensed Avionics engineer for Virgin Atlantic.

    I look after the equipment, the trailer and our store. I also take the BLMRA trailer to most meetings. I am also responsible for Technical and Homologation. I started lawnmower racing around 34 years ago in Group1. After a break of 2-3 years I built a Gp2, which was the start of "Red Robin Racing". We raced in this group for a few years. Eventually I retired from group 2 and went to group 3 with a Lawnbug, race number 24 AKA "Piston Broke Racing". In 2000 I stopped racing after our trip to the USA, but I still can't bring myself to sell the mower. I joined the committee in 1990.




    Technical & Homologation - John Lowdell (JJ)

    Plumbing and heating engineer

    I first saw lawn mower racing in 1978, like most people it was a 12 hour race. I started racing in 1986 in Group 3. I have won the 12 hour and the 6 hour and finished second in the British Championship two years running. I joined the committee in 1990 and retired from racing in 2004. I currently have my hands full with committee business , principally with technical and homologation. I am one of the senior clerk of courses and help organise the 12 Hour. As to my nickname, you'll have to ask someone else why (it is mower related)!!



    Events Coordinator - Ian Tanswell

    I am in vehicle refinishing, at present setting up my own Smart repair business

    I started racing Lawn Mowers in 1983 on a Lawnbug in Group 3, winning the World Championship 6 times, British Championship I think 4 times, the 12 hour race at least twice, the 6 hour at least 4 times. I was proud to be part of the winning Rider Cup team that went to the United States in 2000, and in 2010 won the Endurance Championship with my two sons Sean and Sam. In 2002 was elected onto the committee, my sole aim is to do the best for club and it's members. Having seen my boys race this year and enjoying racing so much, has motivated to build another Lawnbug.



    Website Administrator - Dean Fuller

    Infrastructure Network Specialist

    I've started racing in 2002, mainly in Group 3 and joined the committee in 2006. I have been an active member of the BLMRA whilst trying to win championships with some success! I've dabbled with group 4 a bit over the time with a John Deere & a Huffy but I still would pick the Lawnbug anyday.
    Every race weekend is a great chance to get away from work and just spend my time fixing something else! It has paid off though with two world championship wins in 2009/20010 and british championships wins in 2006/2007.




    Website Administrator - Colin Clegg

    IT Technical Consultant

    I started racing in 1999, having been introduced by work colleagues. I race a group 3 mower, number 41 and I am a multiple British Group 3 champion, a 12 hour and 6 hour winner. I joined the committee in 2008, wanting to put something back into the sport that I had enjoyed partaking in. I look after the website with Dean, I am also responsible for the newsletter distribution and assist the Race Entry Secretary with race entry queries. Outside of racing my interests include photography and keeping fit.



    Trophies & Awards - Simon Funnell

    I Build Swimming Pools

    I became involved in lawn mower racing in 2002 and joined the committee in 2009. I have had some success in my racing, winning many weekend races, finished 2nd in the Group 4 British Championship and 2nd in The World Championship. I was also involved in the Honda adverts when they sponsored ITV’s coverage of Formula One.



    Group 2 Representative - Ian Ratcliff

    I am a garden contractor

    I was introduced to mower racing after seeing racing at The Big Field at Dorking in June 1981. I entered my first race in October with my 2 brothers running behind a group 1 mower. I returned in 1982 for my first 12 Hour on a Group 2. Although it was tiring it was nowhere near as bad as group 1. I was then hooked. My role on the committee amongst other things will be to represent the group 2 racers.



    Group 4 Representative - Mark Robinson

    Ex-automotive journalism and public relations, since retired

    I started racing in Group 3 in 2004 on a shared mower, but without huge success other than overall winner in the 2006 6 hour (obviously a lot of mechanical failures that year!). After a couple of years out (other than racing in Belgium when I managed to crack a rib), I returned in 2009 on a Group 4 John Deere, finishing runner up in the British and World Championships. In 2010 I won the British and World Champs....and cracked another rib.




    Logistics & Working Parties - Andy Ashworth

    I am the proprietor of a business which specialises in the design and building of electronic scoreboards

    Although being vaguely aware of lawnmower racing since the late 1980s in my native North-East, it wasn’t until I moved to West Sussex in 2005 that I was in a good position to be involved. After watching a few local races, my first involvement was in the preparation of a group 4 tractor for the 2006 12-hour - also being part of the pit crew for the race. In 2007, I continued with the spanners for a couple of the racers. In 2008, I decided it was about time I built my own machine and started racing in group 4. Although my work ruled me out of any racing in 2010, I still managed to get to some of the races and am planning a full return in 2011, hopefully, with both my tractor and a brand new group 2.
    As a bit of a ‘backyard engineer’, I derive as much fun from the building and preparation of a machine, as I do from the racing itself!”




    Logistics & Working Parties - Dan Jones

    Qualified electrician and fire alarm engineer

    I started lawnmower racing in 2006 and race for the Cricketers Arms, the home of lawnmower racing on a group 3 Lawnbug. I joined the committee in 2010 and am proud to be a representative of the BLMRA and look forward to helping take the club forward in many years to come. I have had many good weekends racing, although still only won one weekend for group 3's. I have finished 2nd in The World Championship in 2008 and 2010 and also won the 6hr endurance race in 2009.




    Race Entry Secretary - Chris Burrough MBE


    I first discovered lawn mower racing back in 1985, when I was told by the wife “we are going to see Racing Lawn Mowers this weekend”. I got hooked on the sport at this the very first meeting and was roped in to doing a spot of marshalling there and then! The rest they say is history! I became the clubs quartermaster, towing the club trailer and equipment to meetings for many years until the trailer outgrew my car. I joined the committee in about 1988 and retired in 1997 and had was made a HonVP. I took over as Race Entry Secretary in about 1993 and still do this role as well as looking after the souvenirs, and clothing................and I have still never raced a Lawn Mower!


    Honourable Vice Presidents Present and (Past)

    Nick Sergeant

    (Stan Cooper)

    Simon Haysom

    Dick Greengrass

    Howard Annett

    Chris Burrough MBE

    Mark Akeroyd

    Chris Glanville-Brown

    Mick Levey

    Dave Pattison

    Pete Austin

    Andy Stemp

    Pete Longley

    Hans Odoerfer

    Tracy Mckay

    Ian Tanswell

    Steve Fielder

    Jim Hammerton

    (Jason Kanabus)

    Mick Hills

    Colin Fox

    Mark Constanduros

    Mark Jaffe

    Andrew Ashworth